"Relax and Chill out now, with Hours of Symphonic Harmony of Musical Heaven
on Mp3 with your Earphones"...

Enjoy these amazing melody collection, and relax in tranquility and peace of mind

This is Ideal for relaxation and other therapy practices, or for your own enjoyment, peace of mind and to escape from every day stress.


"Feelthe tranquil of the music as you relax in absolute indulgence of the symphony"

Running Time: 1 Hour

Description: Layback and imagine you are on a holiday, your desired location, sandy beach etc, taking in the tunes of this symphony and feel good about yourself...

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"Get to Relax now, even if you've never really felt like doing so, you'll relax
with the smoothness of this symphony. It's good for your health"

Running Time: 1 Hour

Description:This symphony gets you to really unwind. Feel the feeling of having your life's desires at your fingertips. You know you can do things with a clear mind and relaxed feeling. Relax, you have the peace of mind to plan ahead.

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"Healing Symphony will help you in regaining your self again, especially if you've gone through any emotional issues and need to put these behind"

Running Time: 1 Hour

Description:Know that your healing is at hand with emotional soothing and uplifting from your past of present events. Heal the body in health and vitality and regain your confidence and poise with this symphony.

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"Indeed, this will give you the uplifting feelings in any explorations or new avenues that you may be thinking about"

Running Time: 1 Hour


Feel the true and pure smoothness and gradual symphonic mixes with this exploration audio. Feel yourself assertive and poised to move on in your life.

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"Can you see that your dimensions are truly unlimited? Yes, create new goals and dimensions in your life"

Running Time: 1 Hour

Description :  

Understand that you can relax to plan your true potentials and further your dimensions in life. Plan your goals, carefully plan your actions as a process to suit you as you listen to this symphony. Trust your Mind intuition to always guide you along.

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